Bundling Can Be Done Using A Strapping Machine


Bundling can be done using a strapping machine or by ha […]

Bundling can be done using a strapping machine or by hand. Banding machines like strapping machines allow the unitization and securing of products with a veriety of different shapes and sizes.

Strapping Machines Offer:

- Maximized productivity
- Minimized cost on strapping
- Uniform strap application every time
- Professional, secure finish for a cased or bundled product

Strapping machines can be installed as part of a conveyor system for automatic applications. There is a photo eye which detects when the bundle is in the correct location to activate the strapping machine.

Semi-Automatic systems are also available for user operated strapping. These systems are activated by a foot pedal.

The most common type of strapping machine is a bottom seal, which joins the two ends of the strap underneath the bundle. However, if you need the seal to be in a side or top location, those machines are also available.

Whether you are closing cardboard boxes, bundling items together or bailing losse material, there is a strapping machine that is designed to accomodate your application.