Design of pallet strapping machine


The pallet strapping machine is an automatic device tha […]

The pallet strapping machine is an automatic device that can complete the automatic strapping and packaging of the product and the pallet. The pallet strapping machine can effectively reduce the manual threading and strapping process, which not only improves the production efficiency but also reduces the packaging and packaging costs of the enterprise.

At present, many industries are using pallets to bundle the goods together and then transport them through logistics and other methods. However, if the products are placed on the pallets, if they are not fixed, there may be a risk of scattering, so companies use strapping to fix them. However, due to the need to strap to the tray, there will be manual strapping, and because the bottom of the tray is very low, manual operation will inevitably appear to be inefficient and fatigue-prone. Therefore, the packaging industry has set up a fully automatic pallet strapping machine in response to relevant needs.


The pallet strapping machine is specially designed for packing large goods with pallets. The equipment is easy to operate and the equipment is stable and high. It is widely used in many industries such as foreign trade export packaging, furniture, food and beverage, electronics and so on.