Factors To Choosing Pneumatic Strapping Tool


With a friction weld joint, the Pneumatic Strapping Too […]

With a friction weld joint, the Pneumatic Strapping Tool is lightweight, durable and efficient, providing a quick and hassle-free strapping process.


There are many situations that will require specialized shipping tools. Here are some factors to think through when choosing the pneumatic strapping tool.


The heavy load. If the load you are strapping is over 5,000 pounds a steel strap is strong enough that it won’t break. In order to apply steel straps in a fast manner a pneumatic strapping tool for steel straps will be needed.
High temperature loads. Steel straps are used for loads that are higher in temperature than a normal load so they won’t melt.
The odd shaped load. The steel strap can be easily applied to the odd shaped load in a quick and safe manner.
One last thing to consider is price. Steel straps tend to be more expensive than other materials.