How does the packing machine stop working


The work of the packing machine is mainly controlled by […]

The work of the packing machine is mainly controlled by the control circuit board or PLC, and the work action is triggered by starting the corresponding button. However, recently, some users have reported that the packing machine has been working after pressing the start button, and it cannot be stopped until the power is cut off. What is the reason?

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If users encounter such problems during use, do not be too anxious. First, observe the main motor proximity switch. Under normal conditions, the main motor rotates once, and the proximity switch should light up, and then the packing machine will perform the corresponding work.


But sometimes the proximity switch is also measured, and it still does not stop working. Both of the above cases are because the proximity switch is far away. You need to move it to make it closer to the main motor, so that the proximity switch and the main motor are more fully in contact. That's it.


If none of the above operations can solve this problem, it is because the control system has a problem and needs to be replaced with a new motherboard or PLC.