How To Choose Suitable Strapping For PET Strapping Machine


The packing belt is the most important consumable in th […]

The packing belt is the most important consumable in the packing machine, so its purchase can not be ignored, but many users can not clearly distinguish the difference between the various packing belts. The following uses PET belt as an example to share with you How to buy suitable strapping for strapping machine.

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1. Use machine belt. The mechanical belt and the manual belt of the PET belt are not easy to distinguish from the naked eye, but the seller must know that, after all, their raw materials are different, and the price will also be very different, so if you do n’t understand , You can let the manufacturer speak for itself. At the same time, you can judge by the number of meters in a roll. In general, for a roll of packing tape of the same weight, the machine-made belt must be longer than the manual belt.


2. Specification of packing belt. Packing belt specifications generally include two sizes, one is width and one is thickness. As for the specific size to be selected, it should be determined according to the slot size of the baler and the weight of the items you want to pack. This is not fixed.


3. The inner diameter of the paper core. PET tape is different from pp tape, the inner diameter of its packaging tape roll is different, and even PET tape can use no paper core. Here Aixun wants to emphasize with you that if the PET belt used in the automatic baler must have a paper core, the inner diameter of the paper core generally has two specifications on the market, one is 250mm and the other is 400mm , Which one you want to buy, there is no fixed one, customers can choose according to their own preferences.


4. Gram weight. The word gram weight is not often mentioned, because it is generally not used very much. The word gram weight may be used only when the packing belt is thinner and narrower. If your belt is thinner and narrower , It will generally require you to weigh more importantly, so as to ensure that the packing belt walks smoothly in the groove. Or when using a custom frame baler, the supplier may require the width and thickness of the strapping, and at the same time, it is required that the amount is more than that, in order to ensure the smoothness of the strapping during packing.