How To Determine The Packing Position Of Fully Automatic Packing Machine


The unmanned packing machine is also called a fully aut […]

The unmanned packing machine is also called a fully automatic packing machine, which means that the machine itself can be automatically transported, automatically detected, and automatically packed, can be used stand-alone, or can be used with an automated assembly line to achieve unmanned operation. Users who are familiar with the packing machine know that the number of packing machine and the location of the packing machine are automatically detected by the machine. When the packing machine can be automatically detected, how to determine the distance from the packing machine?

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First of all, it is necessary to tell you that the distance and location of the packing are not detected by the machine, but by human intervention. The operator needs to determine the position of the packing belt according to the length of the bundled packaging. After the packing position is determined, the sensor needs to be manually moved to the corresponding position on the slide rail, so that the packing machine can be hit very accurately when packing You have specified the location.


In the second case, what should I do when the item is relatively long and the sensor cannot be adjusted far away? This requires another solution to adjust the delay time. This needs to be set in the PLC program. When the baling machine completes the first packing operation, how long does it take to delay the second one, so that even long cargo can complete the packing operation well.


The third case, this case is more special, is a special one of the unmanned packing machine, and is called the double frame unmanned packing machine. When the machine leaves the factory, the two packing belts are packed at the same time, so this distance can not be adjusted basically, but the distance between the two can be required before leaving the factory. Once the distance is completed, it cannot be changed.