How To Use Strapping Machine


It depends on which type of strapping machine you’re us […]

It depends on which type of strapping machine you’re using like: Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine & Automatic Strapping Machine.


Both machines work similarly, being an upright machine with a flat surface to work from.


For both the machines, the strapping is usually fed from the bottom or the side of the machine, where the strapping reel is placed & feeds into the machine.


To operate, a person must place the parcel or box in the specified spot on the machine, so that the strap can be applied on or around the item correctly.


For semi-automatic machines, the person will then need to place the strap over the top of the item & into the other side where it is placed back into the machine (automatic strapping machines do this part without manual involvement.)


Engaging the machine with the ON button will then tighten and tension the strap, cut and seal it securely around the parcel or box. It can then quickly & easily be removed and the next one placed on. This simple and easy process makes it perfect for quickly strapping parcels.