Plastic Strap Is Most Commonly Joined


Power strapping machines ensure uniform strap placement […]

Power strapping machines ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity for high production applications.

Available in semi- and fully-automatic models, power strapping machines can be integrated into new or existing production lines to maximize productivity for a variety of applications, including baling, bundling, carton closure and unitizing.

Plastic strap is most commonly joined by melting the straps together by adding heat to the joint. For lighter gauge strap, usually 16 mm (0.63 in) and narrower, heat is introduced with a hot knife system. First, the hot knife moves in between the straps.

Then a platen comes up and compresses the straps and hot knife against an anvil on the order of tens of milliseconds. The platen then drops and the hot knife is removed. After the hot knife is completely clear of the straps the platen comes back up and compresses the joint so that the melted portions of the strap mix and harden.