PP packing tools production process


The first is that the extruder temperature control is g […]

The first is that the extruder temperature control is generally between 250 ° C and 280 ° C. The next step is cooling. After the material is taken out of the machine head, the temperature is very high. It should be cooled into the water immediately, because the isotactic polypropylene is easy to form a twin structure in the case of rapid cooling, and the twin crystal structure is loose. Easy to stretch orientation for high quality products. It is then stretched and the purpose of stretching is to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Stretching must be carried out in boiling water, usually in one stretch. Finally, the embossing, the stretched packing belt passes through two patterned pressure rollers, and is pressed on the pattern. Its function is to increase friction during use, not to slip, and look beautiful from the outside.

PP Packing Tool material:
Polypropylene drawing grade resin has been widely used in various fields due to its good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact performance and ease of use.

PP packing tape color type:
White, red, yellow, blue, black and other colors.