Steel Is The Stronger Of All Strapping Material


Strapping is among the most cost-effective ways to cont […]

Strapping is among the most cost-effective ways to contain bulk products, such as steel, lumber, construction materials, printed goods, and boxes.

Steel strapping is ideally suited for a wide range of strapping requirements. It is used extensively for reinforcing shipments and for unitizing and bundling materials to permit more efficient handling.

This rigid product offers the widest range of break strengths. Low carbon steel strapping is typically used for light to medium applications including unitizing, package reinforcements, bundling, box closure, and palletizing. For applications requiring increased strength and shock resistance, heat-treated high carbon steel strapping is available.

Steel is the stronger of all strapping material. It is recommended where high strength is necessary. Polypropylene strapping is light and easy to apply in recycle. There are different types of strapping available in the marketplace.

Provides strong reinforcement and highest tension.
Permits reduction of container board strength.
Can withstand sharp package edges.
Is the strongest strapping material, and size.
Offers widest range of widths and thicknesses.
has highly stable mechanical properties.
Withstands impact. Resists abrasion.
Is impervious to ultra violet light rays.