Steel Strapping Is The Most Used Strapping Solutions


Strapping systems are incorporated into the packaging l […]

Strapping systems are incorporated into the packaging lines of various industries and cover a diverse range of products. Publishers and distributors of books, magazines, and newspapers utilize strapping as do manufacturers and distributors in the food processing industry, building products, manufacturing, corrugated materials, retail packaging, and more.


Strapping is a process whereby a metal or plastic strap is placed around a product or pallet in order to bundle it, reinforce it, or attach it to something.


High speed reliable strapping machines with less moving parts will reduce your overall costs.


Steel strapping is one of the most used strapping solutions, this would be the favoured strapping material for most industries, especially in construction and building.


Choosing from over 100 different hand strapping tools to use can be a challenging experience. The job, however, becomes easier if you classify them by steel strapping and plastic strapping first, then break the classifications down further intotensioners, sealers, and combination tools. Funneling down even further, all steel strapping tools are available in manual and powered tool versions.