Strapping Bands Secure Bundles In Shipping


Strapping bands secure bundles and boxes in shipping, s […]

Strapping bands secure bundles and boxes in shipping, storage, and packing operations. They are applied and secured using manual strapping tools or machines to secure items in a wide variety of applications, including wrapping newspapers, loading railcars, and securing bricks to pallets.

Polyester strapping secures lumber, heavy pallets, and other medium-to-heavy loads. Polypropylene strapping (sometimes called poly strapping) is a lightweight strap used in light-duty applications such as bundling newspapers, sealing and bundling cartons, and securing small loads.

Poly cord strapping is made of polyester and has embedded cords to provide more strength and tear resistance than standard polyester strapping. It is similar in strength to steel strapping and can be used indoors and outdoors to secure lumber, bricks and stone, metal, and other heavy loads.