Strapping Machine Suitable For Strapping Pallets


Strapping is an excellent solution for securing goods f […]

Strapping is an excellent solution for securing goods for transportation and storage. It can be used to secure almost anything, from fragile products to cumbersome loads. The products to be strapped can be packed in cardboard or packaged. This process is mainly used to strap pallets and attach goods together.

Strapping machine suitable for strapping pallets with straps in polyester or polypropylene.

High productivity machine to work with several packaging machines at the same time, each one also with several weights. Without recirculating belt conveyor, the products exceeding the weight tolerance setting lay on the cups to be used again.

There are three types of strapping machines: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. For packaging lines that need to strap large volumes of packages, automated strapping machines, which can be automatic or semi-automatic, are strongly recommended. They speed up the process considerably by automatically tightening and fixing the straps.

There are different structures of automated strapping machines, either arch or tabletop, and for greater mobility, you can also use portable strapping tools or manual or electric strap tensioners.