Strapping Machines Are Good For Quickly Wrapping


Strapping machines work with mechanical spools, sensors […]

Strapping machines work with mechanical spools, sensors, and proper placement on an assembly line to speed up the strapping process.

Strapping machines are great for quickly wrapping small or large amounts of product. A lot of the time, boxes of product need to be securely fastened together to facilitate faster transportation both to and from a truck or train. These machines also help to prevent individual boxes or units from falling apart and scattering over a warehouse floor.

While you can wrap these things by hand, using a strapping machine will cut down on time and costs by automating or speeding up the process. You can look at the results from time for yourself: a hand-operated strapping machine, such as those used by manual workers, can only wrap about 10.2 inches of space per second. While that sounds fast, it’s nothing compared to the speed at which a strapping machine works.

For instance, archless machines can wrap between 6-10 total straps in a minute. This is increased as you get into the larger machines. Arched machines can wrap around 60 or so straps in a minute, allowing you to add them to an assembly line and streamline your warehouse organization even further.

This increased speed and efficiency can have a rippled effect and positively change your entire business.