The Original Strapping Machines


The original strapping machines were probably evolved f […]

The original strapping machines were probably evolved from tying a box with a ball of string. From that the earliest form was the baling machine which tied up a bale of hay, straw or cotton.

Nowadays strapping machines are used for numerous applications and products where a carton/box lid or product has to be held or closed. This could be anything from small box, newspaper bundle, a pallet of bricks or timber, plus many other applications.

There are many advantages of using strap as opposed to string rope or twine:

Depending on the strapping machine, an infinite amount of tension can be used with the strapping material being Polypropylene, Polyester or Steel. The width of the strap can be made, depending on the material, from 5mm to 32mm; the width and thickness of strapping material will cater for the strength required to close a lid or fasten the product to a pallet.

The strap is flat in most applications, therefore, the corners need no protection. Better security of packs and stability of pallets which helps stop pilfering by making it obvious when straps have been removed.

When greater tension is required than Polyester or Steel strap can be used, example: Baling, lashing of heavy loads, steel production and the building industry. No matter how small or large the requirement we can find the solution, be it a manual hand tool to a fully automated system. We are here to help you when you need a strapping machine, see our range below.