Tip To Recycle Plastic Strapping


Examine the plastic strapping to find the recycling sym […]

Examine the plastic strapping to find the recycling symbol embedded in the plastic. This symbol indicates what materials the strapping contains. Expect to see a triangle with either a "4" (polyethylene) or a "5" (polypropylene) inside.

Contact your local curbside recycling center and ask if they accept plastic strapping. Give the recycling symbol number to identify the materials contained in the strapping.

Call a drop-off recycling center to inquire about dropping off the plastic strapping, if your local curbside center will not pick up the strapping. Most drop-off centers will readily accept plastic materials with a "4" or "5" recycling symbol.

Cut the strapping into small pieces (6 to 8 inches) and place them together into a plastic recycling bin. Keep the plastic strapping pieces away from other recyclables that contain different materials. Place the plastic strapping on the curb for curbside pickup or take the strapping to a drop-off center.