What Is The Most Efficient Way Of Product Packing?


Strapping machines, also known as bundlers, must be sup […]

Strapping machines, also known as bundlers, must be supplied with straps and depending on your application, the materials can vary. Straps can be manufactured from almost any kind of material, but it is most common to see steel, plastic, or woven material straps. Steel is the strongest material used for straps, but plastic has become increasingly more popular.

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It is possible to strap an item vertically or horizontally, while vertically is the most common. Horizontal strapping machines are more likely to be used for reinforcement of primary packaging, while vertical strapping machines are commonly used for primary fastening or packaging of the products.


A packing machine packs (puts things into other things). A packaging machine makes a package (makes one thing out of other things).


The most efficient way of product packing is a full automatic packing machine, which combines stacking, counting, leeving and packing functionality.