What to do if the strap is not tight in the semi-automatic strapping machine


The strapping machine is used to strap items. Many user […]

The strapping machine is used to strap items. Many users have used it, but it often happens that the strapping is not tight during use. In fact, this is a very common thing. Users do not need to panic. Let me share with you the semi-automatic strapping machine. What are the reasons for it?

AS-11N Dual motor high table semi-automatic Carton Packing PP thermal strapping machine for box

1. The tightening force is not adjusted well. All baling machines have a tightening force adjustment device, some are knobs, and some are mechanical adjustments. The degree of tightening force set at the factory may not be completely suitable for you. The user can according to the actual items To adjust the corresponding degree.


2. The belt reel is seriously worn. The function of the belt retractor is to tighten the packing belt. If the strapping machine is used for a long time and the belt retractor is worn, the natural tightening force will be reduced and it should be replaced in time.


3. The items are inelastic. The two points mentioned above are the problems of the machine itself. This article we are talking about is the object of the article. Some articles themselves have relatively low elasticity, such as tiles, iron plates, steel pipes, etc. These articles should be wrapped with paper on the surface when strapping Soft or elastic items such as shells, otherwise the straps are directly tied to the surface of the items without resilience, and the straps will naturally loosen. This cannot be achieved by adjusting the machine.