Why does the automatic packing machine always break PP?


Automatic strapping machine, also known as automatic st […]

Automatic strapping machine, also known as automatic strapping machine, is an automatic strapping device. Its principle is to use PP tape, and then tighten it through the device, and then combine it by thermal bonding of the perm. The device can mainly help the product during handling and storage. It is not easy to be scattered, then the enterprise often breaks when using the automatic packing machine, what should I do.

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The breakage of the automatic packing machine is mainly caused by the following reasons.


1. The PP belt itself is of poor quality

2. The temperature of the scalding head is adjusted too high.

3. The stability of the ironing head is too low to complete the bonding.

4. The equipment is not adjusted properly

5. The position of the cutter and slide cover is wrong, which results in accidental cutting off during packing.